Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ben's Blue Bilibo

This was Ben's most unusual Christmas gift. It is brilliant! Akin to classic toys, such as "The Stick", "The Empty Gift Wrap Roll" or, the ever popular, "Cardboard Box"; it entertains Ben for hours. It is a mountain, a hat, a turtle's shell, a toy bucket, a soup bowl, a stool, a chair, a sit-and-spin, a hiding place, a diving board, a balance beam, etc, etc, etc....

Ben is pretty proud of himself every time he conquers it.


  1. It looks very cool, but what is it, exactly? he does seem to love it.

  2. Exactly, Connie. Exactly. If you "Google" "Bilibo" you will see it comes in many colors.

  3. Ahh the Europian toys... It seems to be very effective at fostering imaginative play.
    It looks (based on the second to last picture) as though perhaps you can hear the ocean in the Bilibo if you listen carefully.
    Ben sure is cute, even with his goofy haircut!