Friday, December 9, 2011

Silver and Gold

Ben is busy discovering the elements of Christmas. He has observed his reflection in the glass tree ornaments. He waves at himself and says, "Hi". Dave has been busy building corrals and forts with Ben while I hurry to finish up handmade Christmas gifts.
Ben has been herding cattle and Sophie has been herding him. Sophie was spayed last week and has been healing well.
Ben is quite the accomplished potato farmer. He is officially old enough to know what all of Mr. P's parts are and where all of the parts go.

He can put on his own boots too!

He is making progress with his table manners.

He has begun to pose for photos. When I have the camera out, he often assumes a head-tilt-say-cheese position. I am guessing that, pretty soon, you will see this almost exclusively in his blog shots.

David and I celebrated the anniversary of our engagement on Wednesday. Five years ago, on a cruise ship off the coast of Cozumel, I received the most romantic proposal ever offered. I am thankful every day for our wonderful marriage!

We have a Christmas party to attend tonight, my wonderful in-laws visiting tomorrow and Dylan coming home from college next week! Life is good! I love the holidays!

I am hoping Dylan will learn this song to play on his guitar.

"Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, everyone wishes for Silver and Gold. How do you measure it's worth? ... just by the pleasure it gives here on earth".

"Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, mean so much more when I see... Silver and Gold decorations on ev'ry Christmas Tree".

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