Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh, Trismas Tree!

It gets pretty beat up everytime the dog wags by it, or Ben reaches over the gate to "pet" it. However, it is holding up pretty well. Upon seeing our tree for the first time, Ben announced that it was "Tool!".He was present for the grand entry, but went to bed before it was decorated (That is when Mom and Dad broke out the peppermint schnapps for the cocoa).
The next morning, Ben was wired! He had a lot to say about the tree! He tells me all the time about the, "Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Oranch Trismas Tree"! We also unpacked the Christmas books. Ben is studying hard, learning all about this "Christmas" thing that we have brought into the house.The decorations keep him busy all day long! He has a snow globe to shake, jingle bells to jingle, pine needles to sniff, Mr. & Mrs. Santa Mouse to "feed", ornaments to ogle, new music to dance to, new songs to sing, garland to grab at, and important stories to learn. Oh, he is having so much fun!

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