Saturday, November 5, 2011

Interesting Hibernation & Migratory Patterns

Contrary to popular belief, bears do not only hibernate in caves. They will also make a den in high traffic areas under rugs. At least, this has been observed frequently in the Southeastern regions of our feeding grounds. Perhaps this only applies to animals held in captivity.

Lions, at the Burkhart Zoo, travel long distances away from their pride in attempts to visit the porcelain watering hole located far in the West. It is a long and arduous journey only to find that access is prohibited. Only little boys claiming they need to go "Poo Poo" are allowed in (no swimming guests allowed). All animals move North to climb Pumpkin Ledge where they congregate, huddled in masses; apparently to stay warm using the body heat of the mighty Triceratops. Oh, yes... we have a "dinono" at our zoo! We have free admission too! You should come and see it! Ben loves to give tours.

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  1. Ben is quite the zookeeper. I love the longhorn.