Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Up Little Man?


Our local semi-annual kids consignment sale was this weekend. Ben scored this bowling set! It makes him go nutso! He throws (yes, "throws", not "rolls") the bowling ball. When the pins fly, he flops himself down on the floor, squeals, and waves his arms and legs to make the pins scatter around more. Then he giggles hysterically while he replaces them on the stand, "One, Toooo, Feee, Fo, Fie, Sis, Tseven, Ate, Nie...". There are only 6 pins, but some have to be placed several times due to the giggles.


Ben has gotten very good at counting. He appears to be very mathematically inclined. The little architect is fascinated with putting triangles together to make squares and diamonds. He announces the shapes of his building materials as he arranges them. His 3-Little-Pigs "brick house" is full of small counted blocks (Big Bad Wolf is in the fire engine as the regular driver).


There has been a rejuvenated interest in books at our house, thanks to Chapter One Bookstore passing along this fantastic front-loaded bookshelf! David altered the height to make it fit the space we had. Now Ben can see the attractive covers of the books, rather than just the spines. He spent a lot of time browsing his little library before, but now this gets his attention every time he is near his little book nook. I can do some "suggested selling" by highlighting certain books that I choose; such as "Once Upon A Potty". Yes, Moms always have an agenda.
We finally burned our burgeoning pile of yard waste. By "We" I mean David, of course. Ben and I were our usual supportive selves. Ben is a very good supervisor.

He also counted all of the bricks around the front of the house for us. I assume everyone understands the gymnastic success this is for a two year old. Some day he may be able to walk and chew gum at the same time!


He entertained us by playing his clarinet snake. He took requests as long as it was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Ba-Ba Black Sheep" or "The A B C's". We heard groovy, suspiciously similar "Doot-Doot-Do" versions of each.

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  1. I think he has the clarinet player's stance. Could be his instrument.