Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What is Ben going to be this year???

Halloween is fast approaching! That means coming up with a costume for our little Benjamin. He can't do it for himself and it is likely that this is the last year we get to choose for him. We plan to take full advantage of the fact that he is still somewhat unaware of the attire we wrap him in.

Ben probably has a right to be a little skittish when we reach in the closet this time of year. He is only two, but he has already been a clown, a pumpkin, a skeleton, and a monkey. You may remember giggling along with us (this time two years ago ... (click here) and this time last year ... (click here)).

I have received many costume advertisements as junk mail. I have been tempted by the $45 Turkey costume (the waddle would have driven him nuts hanging from his forehead), the $55 Wolf costume (made of paper-thin, pseudo sheep-skin fabric), and the $65 Fireman costume (boots and hat sold separately). However, the prices send me into a dimension of outrage that I generally save for offline rants. Luckily, we walked into a consignment shop a week ago and found what I think is the best $10 costume we could have stumbled upon.

Look out Ben! Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be cute.