Monday, October 31, 2011


Our little Holstein calf is finally back in the barn after roaming the neighborhood pastures! We started out at River Rising for a delicious, frosted, pumpkin cookie.We mosied on over to the GSK Halloween party to graze on pizza and moo at a ladybug, dragon, robot, ninja, a bumble bee, and many other herded critters.Bovine Ben was not at all shy when it came to rustling up some candy.Ben helped himself to the balloons decorating the cafeteria.
There was a lot of candy to be had but, apparently, cows like lollipops best.
In fact, he collected one of every color.
Then we went trick-or-treating downtown. There were kids everywhere! There was a lot of town participation, a lot of great costumes and lot of wholesome holiday spirit! Everyone enjoyed seeing the cow wobble up their walk. They all told Ben how cute he was, and he milked it for all it was worth.Ben learned to say, "Trick-Or-Treat". He caused a lot of smiles. He, literally, smacked and licked his lips when he was given candy, but could eventually be prompted to say, "Thank You". He continued to pick out lollipops at every house with a bowl of mixed options. Maybe he was saving one for his old cow friend waiting at home. He was so excited about all of the decorations that he just about jumped over the moon! He loved being part of the sidewalk festivities and loved seeing all of the other kids in costumes! One nice little cowboy gave Ben a glow bracelet and he wore it home.We are resting quietly with wonderful memories (and cowbell) playing in our heads. Buying Ben an actual cowbell to carry in his milk pail was, in retrospect, not the best idea. Real cowbells are very loud and I am pretty sure Ben is going to wake up tomorrow and think, "I need more cowbell!".


  1. What a cute little calf, wish you lived closer, we would have loved seeing him--we didn't get any trick or treaters. :(

  2. It looks like Ben had a great Halloween. What fun. He is so cute in that costume. We didn't have any trick or treaters either. Linda and Malcom said they had 57.

  3. Please tell me his favorite candy is MILK DUDS!!!!
    Cute pics.

  4. No trick or treaters on the hill?? Maybe everyone heard about Jon's mountain lion!

  5. Linda... I sure wish we did too! We would have come mooing at your door for sure.

    Gra-Gra knows how much Ben loves Cow! However, Connie, you would have been surprised to see how hard it was to get him into this costume :)

    Mo Pie... thanks!... lots of blurry cow... a handful of recognizable Cow :) I am thankful for the digital age in that regard.