Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Surprises!

Oh Boy, Ben is excited! He has been receiving pumpkin cards, stickers, money, candy and coloring pages in the mail all week! The way he figures it ... if Mom goes to the mailbox 3 times every day, then he could end up with a full pumpkin bucket without ever having to wear the costume hanging in his closet!
He built an "airplane" (yes, it is... he told me so 20 times) while he waited for the postal service to arrive again.

He played the "Soup's On" song hoping it would bring on the chocolate delivery.

It is a long wait every morning. Unfortunately, his V-Tech laptop doesn't track packages to his satisfaction.

Oh Boy! When the mail finally does show up ... there is some jumping and chattering that you only see in a zoo at monkey-cage feeding time!

Clearly, Ben takes after his mother in his love of milk chocolates! Thanks for all of the cheery deliveries and best wishes everyone!

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