Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ben has gotten the lingo down pretty well, but he hasn't figured out how to stick his thumb up. Somehow his gesture is still effective. The sunglasses really help. With a future so bright, ya gotta wear shades! "Future" for a toddler is about 30 seconds, so the sunglasses were a short-lived thing.Ben is sort of redefining what "Cool" really means. Really, how cool do you feel when juice is running down your chin, you're still in your jammies at 10am, and you've wet your pants? That's confidence baby! Poor thing. He has no perception of what a little dork he can be. I love it! He is a daily reminder to not take life too seriously.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, geez mom! Of course he's "tool"! He's too cute not to be. I think one of the reasons grandparents connect with their grandchildren is that they are regressing back to "tool" with a little wine running down our chins and possible wet pants too. But, who cares! "Tool"!