Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tall Dry Grass

"Dada! Dada! Pweeeze!" Ben called out in an urgent tone accompanied by much pacing and jumping! "How could it be that Daddy is mowing the lawn without me!" he thought. I guess Daddy forgot that Ben knows how to ride tractors now! "Dada! Pweeeze!" he cried! Of course, Daddy didn't want to discourage this fervent interest in Ben's future chore! Training started right away! Daddy turned down the motor and took Ben on his first real tractor ride around the yard.If you look into the distance you can see the Sapphire Mountains are capped with heavy plumes of smoke rising from the 41 Fire Complex. As part of the early fall yard work accomplished, Daddy mowed an exercise pathway around the perimeter of our lot. Sophie took Ben "hiking". As the the sun was getting low, Ben and I played in the tall grass with our shadows.

This was a grand farewell to summer.Mother Nature has gotten pretty serious about cleaning up this fire season. We sat in the dark of our back porch last night, ice cold rum punch in hand, and watched the crown fires flame up over the ridge. This morning the entire mountain range is gone behind a thick layer of smoke. It is quite the magic trick! When the smoke clears we will see what is left standing.

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