Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Big Apple

According to Ben, this is an "Appoe". We keep explaining to him that there are other round foods. However, pumpkins and tomatoes have both continued to be "appoes" every time they are encountered. There was a "Biggest Pumpkin" contest at the Farmer's Market. This is Ben's vote for the biggest... whatever it is.
Ben was pretty impressed with the size of the orange fruits. He really thought they made great drums. That was pretty fun.However, he really just wanted to go to the playground. There, he rode the giant squirrel with glee!
We bought a lot of nice produce at the Harvest Festival. We let Ben bring home a small pumpkin of his own. He placed it on a stool and pushed it all around the house. He told us how excited he was about his "appoe".

We got some yard work done too. Our garden did a little something this year; we are learning. I have been peeling, freezing, roasting, and drying tomatoes. We had enough tomatoes that David decided to make some Tomato Bisque. That was brilliant! It was delicious!Sophie helped us harvest some of our tomatoes. Ben loudly informed us that Sophie had gotten hold of one of our "appoes". Apparently, I don't enunciate well while in the produce isle of the grocery store.

Our "Kiddely" sunned herself and pretended to ignore the tomato fiasco.

Sophie herded Ben around the yard with us a few times before we headed into the house. Thanks to Moeller's Nursery, we had the freshest, sweetest corn-on-the-cob of the year. Ben wouldn't eat any, but at least he did not call it an apple.

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  1. Nice looking tomatoes! I love your trail for Ben and Sophie hikes.