Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service!

Yes, it is true that it is difficult to get a picture of Dylan fully clothed. Apparently, display of his manly physique has annoyed some of our blog followers. Following complaints by almost all of our male readers; I thought I'd better mitigate the situation with a fully clothed photo. It was not an easy task. I searched our albums for a long time to find the appropriate picture to combat the "Beefcake" stigma now attached to our poor, sweet, innocent, young scholar. I had to dig WAY BACK into the archives of ancient heirloom photography, in the recesses of our storage area, to find a picture to right the wrong.

What?! He's a kangaroo! Summer is over and there will be no more inadvertent anatomy lessons by Dylan. We still have his little purple dragon-joey. However, it is doubtful that he would model it for us again.


  1. He does wear a shirt when outside sometimes, in December. Let him indoors though and he'll chippendale your X-mas tree till the needles fall off. At least he wears boxers.

  2. Thanks honey! I really didn't need that image "dancing" around in my head!! Yikes! Boy, the blog really degraded when we switched from a "baby" blog to a "family" blog, huh? :)