Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Never a Dull Moment in Hope!

We packed up the family wagon and headed west to see family in Hope, Idaho, last weekend.We finally got to see Dylan! Ben spent a lot of time piling things on top of him.

Ben took his bears for a hike up Dylan's mountainous muscles!

We spent a lot of time relaxing in the shade of this ridiculously beautiful place where David grew up. We ate grandpa Jon's delicious smoked Kokanee and watched our puppies lick all of the cute off of one another.

Everything is lush and green in Hope. The puppies frolicked, the birds chirped, the fountain water trickled, a gentle breeze blew and the warm sun dried out Ben's shoes for this little visitor.

We were invited to Mark and Linda's for an amazing pizza party! They have constructed a fantastic new outdoor pizza oven. Everyone brought gourmet ingredients. Linda prepared mounds and mounds of delicious pizza crust. Mark sent over a dozen carefully-crafted creations into the heat of the baking bricks while the crowd "oooed" and "awwed". Then, everyone feasted!

The group held band practice and played well into the night. They call themselves the Cougar Creek Band and they play the Panhandle like Idaho were a fiddle! It was a blast to watch them love up their instruments and joyfully create fun music together. They sound great! It is amazing that this many cool people found each other and were able to bring so much talent and so many different instruments together to share! Hope is truly a unique place in so many ways.

It is unfortunate that my camera couldn't capture the joy in the air and disappointing that I didn't get better pictures of the entire group. We had a blast tapping our feet and bouncing to the beat!

Dylan was happy to get to sit in on the jam session. He had fun. Being a hard-working wildland fire-fighter and dedicated student, he doesn't get as many chances to play his guitar as he would like. Grandma Connie always encourages him and gives him as many band opportunities as she can. She is very talented and a lot of fun!

She offers lessons and mentors even the smallest of potential future band members.

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