Sunday, August 21, 2011

The End of the Summer

We had a very busy, fun summer. We blinked our eyes and now, the snow is almost completely gone from the Bitterroot mountains, the river and streams are low, my dahlias are top-heavy with blooms and grasshoppers are flying out of the dry grass as we pass. Stores are pushing school supplies; reminding us that crayons are cheap and scribbles need to happen. But, by far, the biggest indicator of Summer's end is Dylan starting back to school this Monday! Just like the shock of the cold water on bare feet in June; Fall sort of jumps out at you with the startle of changes on the horizon. There is smoke on our horizon making beautiful fire-season sunsets. However, our firefighter is done working in the forest, for now, and is back to hitting the books. Dar Williams sings, "The End of Summer ... when we send our children to the moon". Five, Four, Three, Two, One...! We are wishing you an engaging and happy Fall Semester at the University of Idaho, Dylan! We love you and we are so proud of you!


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  2. What's with all the beefcake shots? Totally not safe for work.

  3. It's a good thing she took off the photos of me shirtless, cause there was a lot of beef... not so much cake.
    If I had abs like that kid (which I'm pretty sure I did once upon a time, riiiight) you couldn't pay me to wear a shirt.