Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Little Firecracker!

Happy Fourth of July!Ben is celebrating his toddler "independence" in this great holiday shirt my mom made for him! She is an amazing seamstress! We went to the Hamilton Glory Days Parade Friday. It was pretty small and lasted all of 4 minutes but Ben was duly impressed. There were no deafening sirens, which was good. But that also meant a lack of firetrucks, which is one of Ben's favorite things to see. The parade featured our famous local "Happy Bike Guy" and some horses carrying or pulling things. Oh, and, there was one police officer and an army recruiter.

Ben was riveted!While we waited for the parade to start, we went to the park to dig in the sand. The neighborhood cats had beat us to it.

While downtown, Ben scored a lollipop. He was so cute with it that, I didn't mind having sticky hair the rest of the day. Ben set a personal record of 8 blocks high! Of course, what goes up must come down! I know he is just growing, active and hungry, but it is really flattering that Ben ate such a large glob of my homemade split pea soup. I'll take the compliments where I can get them. Bubbles have become a frequently requested activity in our yard.

Ben likes to smear the soap around and splash almost as much as he likes making and chasing bubbles. He doesn't seem to mind the taste, which is bad news for training him out of the inevitable potty mouth he learns when Dad "fixes" the sprinkler system. Somehow, our little firecracker got hold of some scissors just long enough (about six seconds) to cut a hole in his shirt.He can be a little Dickens, just ask Scarface; recently mended with super gnome glue.


  1. It looks like Mr. Little Mischief had quite the 4th of July! What a nice job your mom did on his shirt!

  2. I love your blog! Norma Davis