Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Great Visit with Many "Greats"

We got to introduce Ben to his Great Aunt Mitzi and Great Uncle Ron; here from South Carolina! We were joined by Grandma Connie, Great Grandma Eileen, Great Aunt Kathy, Great Uncle Ralph, and Great Uncle Roy. We had a really great time! Ben took a ride on the fastest carousel in the country! It was a big deal! Ben always loves to look at the small toy carousel in the window of our local candy store. Well, this was the real thing and I think it kinda blew his mind! He was smiling and pretty brave for most of the ride. Grandma Connie got a great picture of it on her blog (click here).

It was a warm, beautiful day. The river was still swollen wide. While it surged by, I took this rare picture of the handsome-but-elusive, photo-dodging Great Uncle Ron. We all watched Ben race around Dragon Hollow playground. I married into a great family full of great people! These women are not only beautiful ... they know how to have a good time! We missed the big night out, but judging from the "Wanted" posters on that street, Missoula will never be quite the same! We think "Griz Eileen" may have gone into hiding to avoid apprehension. We had a beautiful summer day filled with great memories! We won't give away your hiding spot Griz, but we will sneak in a visit soon!

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  1. You are hanging out with a rough looking crowd!