Sunday, July 24, 2011

Davis Family Road Trip to Montana!

"Art in the Park" in Anaconda's Washoe Park featured Phoenix! Phoenix features our dear friend, Clif! It was a day of Arts & Crafts, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain and, luckily, no electrocution for the band. It was a crazy day for it, but we had a great time and were really glad the Davis family included us in their trip to the festival.We were surprised to note that Nappers the Monkey wears diapers still, but Neil does NOT! Congratulations Neil! Big congratulations to Clif and Jodi too!
While David played roadie, Jodi and I strolled around the festival, played at the park, took the kids to the hatchery, went out for pizza, did a little sight-seeing, and jumped on the beds at the landmark Vagabond Motel.Neil and Ben kicked back and enjoyed their stroller rides.The playground was over run by "big kids", but our little guys found a little fun in the sand.The hatchery was a big hit! The boys were tickled to climb up and see the gigantic rainbow trout.For a nickel they got some food for the trout to gobble up.There were some really nice displays inside the visitors center! The kids were really excited and they got to see an albino trout (It is on the bottom right in this poor tank picture; you'll have to trust me on the pink eyes and white skin).We all had a great time hanging out at the house, watching the kids play, before heading to Anaconda. We got to wish Jodi a Happy Birthday in person. We did our best to make it festive. I dumped her ice-cream cake upside down and we ate the side without my hand-print in it. I may not be the hostess with the mostess, but we had some great belly laughs over that one.

We hated to see them head out. We had a great time! Happy Trails until next time, dear friends!

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