Monday, July 25, 2011

Camper Capers

Mum and Papa Cuddy came over the pass to see us in their new camper. They were just in time for Daly Days. Somehow I don't have any pictures of our time in downtown Hamilton; our visits to Sam's Spade, the Street Fair and the Farmer's Market. The downtown festivities offered plenty to see, but we also took them out to see what really attracts us to Montana! We all had a great hike! We made it to the "Big Rock" on Bear Creek Trail. Not too bad for a couple of city mice!

Ben has adopted the habit of snuggling his head against Daddy's head while in the backpack. You can see Daddy just hates that. Ben did some trail blazing himself.

Papa found a couple of great walking sticks to leave at the trail end for those who come after us.

We finally had a third shutter to capture a couples shot of us. Ben ducked out of it, so I guess we'll call it our fourth wedding anniversary shot. The day is approaching.

Grandma got a Dr. Seuss refresher. At the end of his story Ben closed the book and said, "The End". All of his story books seem to end that way now. Ben is enjoying his new outdoor alligator chair, but did not want to say "See Ya Later Alligator".

He was pretty sure he was going to get to drive back.

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