Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bitterroot Summer Season Status Report; Part I

Huckleberries are out and ripening in the Bitterroot mountains. Morels are harder to locate and possibly done for the year. It is, apparently, not a good year for mushrooms.The rush of the cool water along the trail lulls Ben to sleep, but spurs us on!

This is our favorite Bear Creek hike destination. "Flat Rock" is always a nice shady reward for a hike in hot weather. This week we have our first Dahlia bloom of the season; not yet fully open! Soon the bed will be full of big lovely blossoms!

Our raspberries are producing a lot of yummy sweet berries this year!
This one was delicious!Knowing we would be adding puppy chaos to our toddler chaos this year, our garden box contains only tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries. The tomatoes are coming on, but are still small and green. Our cucumbers did not "climb" like the seed packet suggested so they are struggling in a shaded part of the box. Knowing they will grow later, I will put them out in front next year. Our stawberries have yeilded about 10 berries all summer long. It may be time to yank the leggy wild things and start over. Our tomatoes are healthier this year, though. So, I guess I'm learning.

I have also learned to just stake out our hot dog digger while I weed. My lavender thinks I can do no wrong and loves the heat we have had!

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