Monday, July 25, 2011

Backyard Fun in the Sun!

Ooooo! It doesn't matter how hot it is outside, that water is too COLD when the pool is first filled! David is one brave Daddy!

What we need is an umbrella to shade the umbrella that is shading the umbrella!
Sophie is 13 weeks old now! She is a natural water dog and thinks this pool is hers.

Ben loves to tiptoe through the Dahlias in his skivvies. This time next year that little swim-diaper will be replaced by big boy underpants! After a full 2 minutes of complaining, the kid finally figured out what to do in this icy water.

It was splashy-splashy time!

The splashing was alternated with snuggles in the sunshine on his fun froggy towel. He layed there like a little lizard sunning himself on a rock.He had a lot to say about the "Wawer".Once he was dried off (which doesn't take too long in 90 degree weather) he was headed back to the water!Good times!

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  1. I love the puppy in the pool shot. Maggie hasn't been exposed to a pool yet. Ben is as cute as ever. Dave is kind of cute too.