Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bitterroot Summer Season Status Report; Part I

Huckleberries are out and ripening in the Bitterroot mountains. Morels are harder to locate and possibly done for the year. It is, apparently, not a good year for mushrooms.The rush of the cool water along the trail lulls Ben to sleep, but spurs us on!

This is our favorite Bear Creek hike destination. "Flat Rock" is always a nice shady reward for a hike in hot weather. This week we have our first Dahlia bloom of the season; not yet fully open! Soon the bed will be full of big lovely blossoms!

Our raspberries are producing a lot of yummy sweet berries this year!
This one was delicious!Knowing we would be adding puppy chaos to our toddler chaos this year, our garden box contains only tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries. The tomatoes are coming on, but are still small and green. Our cucumbers did not "climb" like the seed packet suggested so they are struggling in a shaded part of the box. Knowing they will grow later, I will put them out in front next year. Our stawberries have yeilded about 10 berries all summer long. It may be time to yank the leggy wild things and start over. Our tomatoes are healthier this year, though. So, I guess I'm learning.

I have also learned to just stake out our hot dog digger while I weed. My lavender thinks I can do no wrong and loves the heat we have had!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Backyard Fun in the Sun!

Ooooo! It doesn't matter how hot it is outside, that water is too COLD when the pool is first filled! David is one brave Daddy!

What we need is an umbrella to shade the umbrella that is shading the umbrella!
Sophie is 13 weeks old now! She is a natural water dog and thinks this pool is hers.

Ben loves to tiptoe through the Dahlias in his skivvies. This time next year that little swim-diaper will be replaced by big boy underpants! After a full 2 minutes of complaining, the kid finally figured out what to do in this icy water.

It was splashy-splashy time!

The splashing was alternated with snuggles in the sunshine on his fun froggy towel. He layed there like a little lizard sunning himself on a rock.He had a lot to say about the "Wawer".Once he was dried off (which doesn't take too long in 90 degree weather) he was headed back to the water!Good times!

Camper Capers

Mum and Papa Cuddy came over the pass to see us in their new camper. They were just in time for Daly Days. Somehow I don't have any pictures of our time in downtown Hamilton; our visits to Sam's Spade, the Street Fair and the Farmer's Market. The downtown festivities offered plenty to see, but we also took them out to see what really attracts us to Montana! We all had a great hike! We made it to the "Big Rock" on Bear Creek Trail. Not too bad for a couple of city mice!

Ben has adopted the habit of snuggling his head against Daddy's head while in the backpack. You can see Daddy just hates that. Ben did some trail blazing himself.

Papa found a couple of great walking sticks to leave at the trail end for those who come after us.

We finally had a third shutter to capture a couples shot of us. Ben ducked out of it, so I guess we'll call it our fourth wedding anniversary shot. The day is approaching.

Grandma got a Dr. Seuss refresher. At the end of his story Ben closed the book and said, "The End". All of his story books seem to end that way now. Ben is enjoying his new outdoor alligator chair, but did not want to say "See Ya Later Alligator".

He was pretty sure he was going to get to drive back.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sleeping, Stickers & Super wishful thinking by Mom

Davis Family Road Trip to Montana!

"Art in the Park" in Anaconda's Washoe Park featured Phoenix! Phoenix features our dear friend, Clif! It was a day of Arts & Crafts, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain and, luckily, no electrocution for the band. It was a crazy day for it, but we had a great time and were really glad the Davis family included us in their trip to the festival.We were surprised to note that Nappers the Monkey wears diapers still, but Neil does NOT! Congratulations Neil! Big congratulations to Clif and Jodi too!
While David played roadie, Jodi and I strolled around the festival, played at the park, took the kids to the hatchery, went out for pizza, did a little sight-seeing, and jumped on the beds at the landmark Vagabond Motel.Neil and Ben kicked back and enjoyed their stroller rides.The playground was over run by "big kids", but our little guys found a little fun in the sand.The hatchery was a big hit! The boys were tickled to climb up and see the gigantic rainbow trout.For a nickel they got some food for the trout to gobble up.There were some really nice displays inside the visitors center! The kids were really excited and they got to see an albino trout (It is on the bottom right in this poor tank picture; you'll have to trust me on the pink eyes and white skin).We all had a great time hanging out at the house, watching the kids play, before heading to Anaconda. We got to wish Jodi a Happy Birthday in person. We did our best to make it festive. I dumped her ice-cream cake upside down and we ate the side without my hand-print in it. I may not be the hostess with the mostess, but we had some great belly laughs over that one.

We hated to see them head out. We had a great time! Happy Trails until next time, dear friends!

Growing like wildfire!

While Big Brother Dylan has been out fighting wildfire for the U.S. Forest Service, Ben has been working on getting big enough to follow in his footsteps. In fact, Ben and Sophie appear to have some sort of puppy growth chart contest going on. Just like the tomato plants; we water them and they just sprout up!
Any meal is an event at the Burkhart table. Ben is mastering his understanding of cylindrical foods. With this approach it takes a lot longer to eat a bowl of mac-n-cheese, but it's more than a snack, it's an artistic endeavor.

Ben has just about got the hang of the "Big Boy Cup". We are just working on keeping it from hitting the floor once his interest in the liquid wanes.