Monday, June 27, 2011

Woah! Slow Down Kiddo!

Benjamin Jon is staring down "2 Lane"! He is now 22 months old with only 2 months until he is 2 years old!!He is strong enough to carry a 1/2 full watering can from the faucet to the dahlia bed!
He is tall enough to leap large pieces of furniture before I bound!
He is looking more like a toddler and less like a baby every day!
Where there is sunshine, there is Ben! Where there is Ben, there is sunshine! He is a crayon artist rocketing to fame with his signature squiggles! He still loves to be outside more than anything. We are pretty sure that he wants us to make the dog house his bedroom so he can live outside with her.

Ben is fearless in the water and destine to be a great swimmer!He is also quite the comedian and may be destine for the stage. Regardless of his life choices, someday, his mother will have this picture on hand to show to an important future girlfriend (tee hee).


  1. Alright! Another gardener in the family. I see him with the flower and the watering can. I am going to leave him my garden in my will.

  2. Between you and my mother, Ben just HAD to get the green thumb gene! I am so glad! I am quite disappointed that it seems to have skipped me. However, with Ben's help... it looks like the tomatoes and cucumbers are gonna make it :)