Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome Home Sophie!

What a big day! We have a new member of the family! Meet super, smart, soft, silly, slobbery, smoochie, Sophie! Born Sunday April 24th, 2011, Sophie is now 7 weeks old.

So far, she has been very gentle, affectionate and submissive, and brave. She snuggled on my lap all the way home. There hasn't been any whimpering or crying. She licks us a lot, but hasn't tried to bite at all.

She found a little hidy hole in the tall grass at the base of a bush in our side yard. She played in there, attacking twigs, and poked her head out to make sure we were still there and to chew on her toy.

She was a little hesitant to eat at first. She appeared uncertain that it was for her and that she wouldn't be trampled when she went in for a nibble. Eventually, she relaxed and had a couple of meals.

Ben isn't sure what to do with her yet. He knows she seems nicer than the cat, but hasn't wanted to test those waters too much yet. The puppy, on the other hand, is sure they will be friends. Sophie was following Ben around a little and even showed some interest in playing ball. Sophie's sniffer must be sore by now. She has happily pranced around the backyard smelling everything in sight. She stays very close to us and naps a lot. She loves her crate and spent a lot of time snuggled in there; laying on the blankie we rubbed on her momma before bringing her home.

She loves her toys! This is heartwarming because we picked them out with love and care in the hopes that she would tear into them with a fairytale puppy enthusiasm and zest only Pixar can portray. During the long wait to bring her home, we really harnessed our inner puppy while searching the doggy toy isles. She is really being very obliging and is so very much fun to watch!

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  1. She looks so sweet! Nothing like our terrorist! Good job choosing her from the litter!