Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruff'n It

Sophie has added exponentially to the chaos of raising a small child. We all have a lot to learn about living together. But, look at this face... Benjamin Jon is having some emotional issues around becoming the middle child. One way that he is acting out is by throwing all of the dog toys into the pond. We already struggled with keeping rocks and Ben toys out of the pond. However, the behavior has gotten completely out of hand. Again, nature is brilliant to make them so cute.
Ben isn't sure what to do with all of Sophie's affection. She follows him everywhere hoping he will pay her a little attention.

She is figuring out how to chase Frisbees and balls. I think she will have the hang at "fetch" in no time.

Ben is a typical toddler in explaining to Sophie that what's his is his and what's hers is his.

There is a really fun future friendship here...

... as soon as Ben stops being jealous of his little sister.

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  1. Ben looks so grown up in the pictures. He's definitely all little boy now. I thought I posted a comment yesterday but I don't see it on the blog.