Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trip; Part IV

The men (Grandpa Jon, Uncle JP, David and Dylan) all went on a Father's Day fishing trip to Lake Mary Ronan. While they were on a boat in the rain, we played with Grandma Connie, the Kieberts and Maggie Blue puppy.

Grandma & Grandpa have their hands full with this fluffy ball of spunk!
Leslie volunteered to be a puppy chew toy.

Lyndsie and Ellie worked overtime pushing Ben's giggle buttons. We sure wish all of the Kiebert girls lived closer so we could "borrow" their talents on a more regular basis! What great kids!

The Grandma Connie & Ben Duet never sounded better!

I didn't get any pictures of my own of the fishing trip... so I have stolen this one from Grandma Connie. The catch was 35 total! Those will be delicious smoked! Good work guys!

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