Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice!

Ben discovered that the moon was following him around the yard this morning. He would point, say "moon", run to another location and point again. He was trying to jump as sort of a skip/jump combo. He was really excited to share it with me! He ran up to me and said, "up" and then pointed some more from my arms.Being a clear sunny morning, there were many active, singing birds in the yard. Ben ran around the yard looking for them; telling me he could hear them. Our young ornithologist catalogs them by signing and telling us, "hear birds".

My dahlias are coming up. With any luck, the dog will allow that to continue to happen and we will have big beautiful flowers later this summer! They may never rival Grandpa Jon's dahlias, but I am really thankful for the tubers and tutelage!

Sophie puppy killed Ben's green ball. It is goofy of me to be sentimental over a cheap little petroleum product, but it was Ben's first ball. Apparently, it was not too big for her to sink her teeth into after all.

Our summer weather has been nice enough to get wet and want shade. With time and conditions on his side, Ben has decided that his "water table" should be a "mud table". This is the second threat to the dahlia bed.

Sophie enjoys the shade under the water table while Ben slashes and plays. Every once in a while Sophie puts her paws on the edge of the table to take a drink or try to swipe a toy. In turn, Ben will duck under the table to offer a toy or take one back.

The babies are definitely figuring out how to play together. They are starting to really enjoy each other's company. They chased bubbles together yesterday.

Ben's bubbles were a thoughtful Christmas gift from his great Aunt Linda and great Uncle Don. They have provided hours of great giggly fun!Dylan is still in New Mexico on-call as a wildfire fighter for the Forest Service. They extended his stay another two weeks. He has two days off for R&R and we hope he is enjoying it!

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  1. Just think how excited he will be when he gets to look at the moon through the telescope!

    I love the signing for the bird sounds. Very cute!