Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Full Contact Physics!

We discovered Velocity Gymnastics today; located out at the far other end of town. Ben had a blast at open gym with a couple of new toddler friends! He fearlessly explored the "Bounce House" and the "Foam Pit"! He rolled shapes, many times his own size, across the floor! He practised walking the short balance beam holding only Mama's pinkie finger! On the fully padded flooring, he jumped higher than ever before without the bummer of the gravity-associated consequences of his normal practice. We will definitely be back for more climbing, jumping, tumbling fun next week!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Those twin fawns are still hanging around! We were afraid one of them had died because we hadn't seen them together for a while. They are becoming too big to be as good at hiding and we have started seeing them out eating our grass.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Woah! Slow Down Kiddo!

Benjamin Jon is staring down "2 Lane"! He is now 22 months old with only 2 months until he is 2 years old!!He is strong enough to carry a 1/2 full watering can from the faucet to the dahlia bed!
He is tall enough to leap large pieces of furniture before I bound!
He is looking more like a toddler and less like a baby every day!
Where there is sunshine, there is Ben! Where there is Ben, there is sunshine! He is a crayon artist rocketing to fame with his signature squiggles! He still loves to be outside more than anything. We are pretty sure that he wants us to make the dog house his bedroom so he can live outside with her.

Ben is fearless in the water and destine to be a great swimmer!He is also quite the comedian and may be destine for the stage. Regardless of his life choices, someday, his mother will have this picture on hand to show to an important future girlfriend (tee hee).

Sophie's first Vet visit

Our sweet little Sopapilla had her 9-week veterinary visit today. It went very well. She was very brave and tolerant. Sophie weighs 10.6 pounds.
She and Ben are becoming great friends. She is a gentle, happy, fun little pup! She is house broken and can "come", "sit" and lay "down" on command. She is teaching Ben some new tricks too!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"Hey, Benjamin! What are you going to do with your Bucket? Maybe, fill it with some toys or interesting rocks?"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice!

Ben discovered that the moon was following him around the yard this morning. He would point, say "moon", run to another location and point again. He was trying to jump as sort of a skip/jump combo. He was really excited to share it with me! He ran up to me and said, "up" and then pointed some more from my arms.Being a clear sunny morning, there were many active, singing birds in the yard. Ben ran around the yard looking for them; telling me he could hear them. Our young ornithologist catalogs them by signing and telling us, "hear birds".

My dahlias are coming up. With any luck, the dog will allow that to continue to happen and we will have big beautiful flowers later this summer! They may never rival Grandpa Jon's dahlias, but I am really thankful for the tubers and tutelage!

Sophie puppy killed Ben's green ball. It is goofy of me to be sentimental over a cheap little petroleum product, but it was Ben's first ball. Apparently, it was not too big for her to sink her teeth into after all.

Our summer weather has been nice enough to get wet and want shade. With time and conditions on his side, Ben has decided that his "water table" should be a "mud table". This is the second threat to the dahlia bed.

Sophie enjoys the shade under the water table while Ben slashes and plays. Every once in a while Sophie puts her paws on the edge of the table to take a drink or try to swipe a toy. In turn, Ben will duck under the table to offer a toy or take one back.

The babies are definitely figuring out how to play together. They are starting to really enjoy each other's company. They chased bubbles together yesterday.

Ben's bubbles were a thoughtful Christmas gift from his great Aunt Linda and great Uncle Don. They have provided hours of great giggly fun!Dylan is still in New Mexico on-call as a wildfire fighter for the Forest Service. They extended his stay another two weeks. He has two days off for R&R and we hope he is enjoying it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This picture is an older, previously unpublished shot of Dave with his silly boys. With Dylan away on a firefighting assignment, I had to go reminiscing to share a fun picture. David is such a great Dad and a great guy! Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and the father of my boys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruff'n It

Sophie has added exponentially to the chaos of raising a small child. We all have a lot to learn about living together. But, look at this face... Benjamin Jon is having some emotional issues around becoming the middle child. One way that he is acting out is by throwing all of the dog toys into the pond. We already struggled with keeping rocks and Ben toys out of the pond. However, the behavior has gotten completely out of hand. Again, nature is brilliant to make them so cute.
Ben isn't sure what to do with all of Sophie's affection. She follows him everywhere hoping he will pay her a little attention.

She is figuring out how to chase Frisbees and balls. I think she will have the hang at "fetch" in no time.

Ben is a typical toddler in explaining to Sophie that what's his is his and what's hers is his.

There is a really fun future friendship here...

... as soon as Ben stops being jealous of his little sister.