Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mowing Weather

Ah... the first Mow of the season! How exciting is that? Things are finally getting green around here!
Ben climbed up on the mower to have a look around. He has shown some interest in driving lately. A few times now he has climbed into the seat of the car to adjust our radio (alternative rock), windshield wipers, high beams, blinker, hazard lights, seat warmer, trip meter, heater, fan and air-conditioner. Luckily he has not found the horn. He has done some more soil sampling. I am pretty sure he must think "quite tasty" is what I mean when I say "blaaaachy!". It no longer stops the taste testing. I will need to get more descriptive.

Slimy the Worm is moving further these days.

Ben has not, however, decided to ride the cold, apparently evil, metal pony on the big playground. There were actual tears when I attempted to sit him on it.

He is quite determined to master every other feature of "his" playground.

Going over the bridge has turned into running over his bridge.

He has also become very interested in what other kids are able to do. Some of the kids are not necessarily role models. He studies the behavior of the bigger kids behavior with a keen eye and gets a look on his face like, "I might have to go kick some big kid butt".


  1. Oh boy! What fun! It'll be snakes and snails and puppy-dog tails, soon.

  2. Despite appearances, Ben is a rather poor driver at this time. What he lacks in focus he makes up for with enthusiasm!