Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let the Preparations Begin!

Sophie comes home to us in 25 days! We are busy making the "house" a doggy "home". We are all really excited to welcome her! We bought Benjamin a stuffed pet puppy and have been teaching him how to "care" for it.
He likes to put lots of things in the carrier with the puppy, then take it for a tour of the house.
We had beautiful springtime weather in the Bitterroot today. It was a good day to prepare for planting. Ben and I put fresh compost on the future Dahlia flower bed. It is an understatement to say, "Ben loves dirt".

If you give this kid a cheap garden trowel, dirt and a bucket, then he can be happy for hours. Only the honking gaggle of Canadian Geese on the neighbor's pond were a large enough distraction to make Ben put down his trowel. He excitedly pointed them out multiple times.

Ben helped Daddy get the sprinklers turned on this evening. Unfortunately, as Ben stood in awe of the water spurting from multiple locations on the lawn, a sprinkler head slowly turned around and squirted him in the chest. I was away on an errand, but as it was told to me... the poor little guy just stood there, too stunned to move as it drilled him at point blank range. Daddy quickly realized the situation and rescued him. I'll bet he has some strange dreams tonight!


  1. It's so much fun to play in the dirt! Grandma is doing the same thing!

  2. Yeah... I was gonna say something about him looking like his Grandma Connie in that fifth picture, but he had a lot of dirt around his mouth. I don't know how much dirt you eat on purpose... but Ben had been taste testing a lot :)