Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Days with Dylan

Dylan enjoyed a D-Q ice cream blizzard and a trip to the park with his little bro.
The guys enjoy reading together. Apparently, Dylan just can't put down the books. He has spent much of his break studying anatomy notes for Fall Semester.

We went to sushi to celebrate the end of Dylan's fantastic Spring Semester.

The guys got a little goofy; as they tend to do.

Dylan's is glad there will be no exam on his latest reading material, but he is pretty sure he would ace that test too.

Dylan said that children's books are a little weirder than he remembers them to be.

Ben has been getting some music lessons from Dylan; so he can try out for the band in Hope someday.

Ben has been practicing every day.

Dylan has been resting up for his summer "gig". He will be fighting wildfires for the Forest Service again this summer.

Well, at least, he has been trying to rest.

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