Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Days with Dylan

Dylan enjoyed a D-Q ice cream blizzard and a trip to the park with his little bro.
The guys enjoy reading together. Apparently, Dylan just can't put down the books. He has spent much of his break studying anatomy notes for Fall Semester.

We went to sushi to celebrate the end of Dylan's fantastic Spring Semester.

The guys got a little goofy; as they tend to do.

Dylan's is glad there will be no exam on his latest reading material, but he is pretty sure he would ace that test too.

Dylan said that children's books are a little weirder than he remembers them to be.

Ben has been getting some music lessons from Dylan; so he can try out for the band in Hope someday.

Ben has been practicing every day.

Dylan has been resting up for his summer "gig". He will be fighting wildfires for the Forest Service again this summer.

Well, at least, he has been trying to rest.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final Grades; Spring 2011

Way to Go Dylan!!!

Dylan got a "B" in Chemistry, and "A's" in Physics, Physics Lab, and Statistics!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mowing Weather

Ah... the first Mow of the season! How exciting is that? Things are finally getting green around here!
Ben climbed up on the mower to have a look around. He has shown some interest in driving lately. A few times now he has climbed into the seat of the car to adjust our radio (alternative rock), windshield wipers, high beams, blinker, hazard lights, seat warmer, trip meter, heater, fan and air-conditioner. Luckily he has not found the horn. He has done some more soil sampling. I am pretty sure he must think "quite tasty" is what I mean when I say "blaaaachy!". It no longer stops the taste testing. I will need to get more descriptive.

Slimy the Worm is moving further these days.

Ben has not, however, decided to ride the cold, apparently evil, metal pony on the big playground. There were actual tears when I attempted to sit him on it.

He is quite determined to master every other feature of "his" playground.

Going over the bridge has turned into running over his bridge.

He has also become very interested in what other kids are able to do. Some of the kids are not necessarily role models. He studies the behavior of the bigger kids behavior with a keen eye and gets a look on his face like, "I might have to go kick some big kid butt".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let the Preparations Begin!

Sophie comes home to us in 25 days! We are busy making the "house" a doggy "home". We are all really excited to welcome her! We bought Benjamin a stuffed pet puppy and have been teaching him how to "care" for it.
He likes to put lots of things in the carrier with the puppy, then take it for a tour of the house.
We had beautiful springtime weather in the Bitterroot today. It was a good day to prepare for planting. Ben and I put fresh compost on the future Dahlia flower bed. It is an understatement to say, "Ben loves dirt".

If you give this kid a cheap garden trowel, dirt and a bucket, then he can be happy for hours. Only the honking gaggle of Canadian Geese on the neighbor's pond were a large enough distraction to make Ben put down his trowel. He excitedly pointed them out multiple times.

Ben helped Daddy get the sprinklers turned on this evening. Unfortunately, as Ben stood in awe of the water spurting from multiple locations on the lawn, a sprinkler head slowly turned around and squirted him in the chest. I was away on an errand, but as it was told to me... the poor little guy just stood there, too stunned to move as it drilled him at point blank range. Daddy quickly realized the situation and rescued him. I'll bet he has some strange dreams tonight!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meeting Sophie!

Dylan, meet Sophie; your new little sister. Sophie is only 2-weeks old. You will have a chance to meet her, in person, before she finally comes home in June. Benjamin, meet Sophie. Sophie, meet Benjamin. This is one very happy new puppy Daddy, here. A full belly and lots of fondling made this one very tired puppy.With a sweet new baby, to feather a nest for, this is a very happy Mother's Day for this Mama! . Our visit to the ranch was a very new experience for Benjamin. He was a little leery of the large working dogs and unsure of what to make of the guinea-pig sized puppies. He was herded around a bit and not sure what could happen next. The ranch cat, on the other hand, was unfazed by all of the excitement.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

70 Degrees and Son Shiny

On a day like today, recuperation happens best out of doors; in fresh air and sunshine. Ben spent a good deal of time digging in our gravel walkway, filling his dump truck and bucket with rocks and trying to throw rocks into the fish pond.When I filled his water table up, he then tried to throw all of his water toys into the fish pond.Once I "fished" those all back out, he spent the rest of his outdoor time drenching himself with water. I think it is safe to say that he is feeling back to normal.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Down Time (continued)

Ben can top your milk mustache! He has a cottage cheese beard!

Yep, that's all I've got for today. We are all on the mend though. Things are bound to pick up soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Down Time

The Burkhart household is still getting over a nasty cold. Still. We are all sick of being sick. This has been Benjamin's first cold. He is being treated with heavy doses of cuddle time, fresh air, humidifier steam and Beebo the Baby Signs Bear videos. In the picture below Beebo was teaching the sign for "love". Ben was teaching Daddy how to attack the yellow block with the blue block. Daddy is, no doubt, using the blocks as some molecular modeling tool to illustrate to Ben how his immune system is attacking the foreign virus. Ben, being the scholar that he is, can respond in turn by pointing to the blue block and saying, "Blue".