Friday, April 8, 2011

Play date with Jeram & Jacob

Happy Birthday Jeram! Jeram turns 3 tomorrow! He and Jacob came over to play with Benjamin today while their mom got ready for Jeram's party. It was a lot of fun, except that Jacob was almost eaten by a frog. Jacob checked out Dylan's old toy stash and we both agreed that Dylan collected a lot of stuff when he was his age. Jacob is a very fun, clever, thoughtful, capable boy. He was very good company, cleaned up his messes without being asked, was very polite and had a lot of interesting ideas and interests to share! I think someday he will be an engineering rocket scientist surgeon poet. Jeram showed Ben how to get the most out of his toys. Jeram was the perfect little playmate for Ben. He was patient, kind, helpful, curious, indestructible and fun. He showed Ben how to share and was patient when Ben didn't. When Ben fell down and cried, Jeram brought Ben a sippy cup to try to help soothe his feelings. What a sweet hearted, helpful, fun little friend!
Ben followed Jeram around the house and chatted to him about all sorts of things.

Ben got pretty sad when it was time to wave "Good-Bye" to these two. We are looking forward to seeing them again soon!

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