Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

"So let me get this right... you hide these from me and then point and laugh while I search in all the wrong places for them? Hmmm... I think I like Halloween better. I had to dress up like a monkey, but people just put the candy in my bucket for me."

Our local candy store has their Pied Piper decorations out to lure the children in. It works on Ben everytime we pass the store window.Ben and I found multiple uses for egg-dying cups. His favorite is to stack them and knock them down with his new car! GrandMum Cuddy made Ben these spiffy new jammies. Ben LOVES them! They are soft, beautifully made, and the Sesame Street fabric gets Ben wired. He began dancing in them when we tried them on and he drags them everywhere when they are taken off.Ben is enjoying all of the fun suprises and treats he has received. It looks like the Easter Bunny has as many helpers as Santa! He is ready for some sunshine!
But, he is enjoying the April showers!


  1. Great photos! Maybe I can post comments now? Please let me know if this shows up. Jon Love.

  2. The boots were a consignment sale find... just in time for MUD PUDDLES :)