Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Benjamin and I got to hang out with our buddy, Melinda for a while today. It was 50 degrees, calm and fairly sunny; the perfect day for a walk! So, walk, we did.First, we had deluxe breakfast out. Ben did some fun walrus imitations with our straws. He was being really cute. Then, he reached over, scooped up Melinda's gravy with his forefinger and put it up his nose. That was much less cute. It was a proud moment, let me tell ya. We took Ben's all-terrain stroller on a woodland adventure and Melinda found a GeoCache!
She signed the log, shared her find with Ben, and placed a new treasure in the secret-hidey-hole container for the next lucky seeker.
Tru and Kazara headed home with their sniffers full. Ben babbled about the adventure all the way home in the car.

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