Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chatting at the coffee shop

I am hearing quite a bit of discernible discussion in Ben's babble these days. I am trying to remember the things he has to say, so I can share them. I think I will start a little journal for him; I'll keep it in my purse. For now, here is a peek at his linguistic endeavors.

While reading his book at the bakery, Ben said "chunk am do". Being that "chunk am" was repeated following my talk about the chipmunk in the story, I think that he was telling me about what he imagined the chipmunk was doing. He has been asking "Wa da" quite often when he wants to know "What's that?". It usually is accompanied by pointing, inquisitive looks and multiple 'sentences'. He'll say "oh! wa da? uh... oh da chunk.. wa wa da bow...". He starts a lot of babble with "Uh..." He likes to look at his books and point to pictures. He will sometimes tell me what some of them are. He will point and say "anana" for Banana, "ish" for the fish, "badoon" for the balloon. He will do the flower sign for every flower in the book, while sniffing and smiling.

While pointing to the plants on the shelf near our table, Ben said, "Oh Wow, pant". He followed that with "oh ah, doh anna bow owe a wa... ". Your guess is as good as mine on the rest of it.Counting with me he always proclaims loudly "Ate Tewo" with pursed lips like John John on Sesame Street calling out 18. Every number is 18. I think it must be more fun than those wimpy little single digit numbers.
Ben has an amazingly large mouth for such a little guy (no genetic predisposition cracks, thanks). He will shove as many crackers in there as are handed to him. Luckily, the conversation slows down after that; so he won't choke and can get them ground into a gulp.
It is really fun listening for the reason in his rhymes. The thing he is best at right now is saying "Up, up... ah duh" when he wants out of his high chair and is all done. He is a go go go machine with a lot of cool stuff to go find out about.

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