Friday, April 1, 2011

April Foolishness!

All the most highly addictive Easter candies are in the stores now. It has already launched us all into a sugar-high-induced madness you cannot believe.Springtime is FINALLY here! We are so excited to see the baby cows and sheep in the neighboring fields and the tiny blades of green grass poking up all over our moist snow-trodden yard! We are enjoying being outside working on weeding and picking up the yard; so much so that we should probably have our heads checked.Dean's List Dylan is hard at work finishing up Spring Semester at the University of Idaho. When he is not doing homework, he is practicing contact juggling. That way he can be a street performer if the whole college thing doesn't work out for him.Benjamin Bunny is working hard on getting more teeth so he can act like the omnivore he was born to be.


  1. Very nice! You've got two sweet kids.

  2. You gotz da' mad photoshop skillz.